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Thanks for stopping by. You’re on the about page - so here’s a little more about me.


The satisfaction of finding what I’m looking for, of catching what I’m chasing, never lasts long.


For me,  having a dream is often better than trying to realise that dream.


I love helping others reach their goals. It’s something I’m good at. It’s also the excuse I’ve camped on for way too long. Because as long as I’m helping others, I don’t have time to help myself.


Sacrifice and excuses. Excuses and sacrifice. Am I the only one?


Dreams and goals and wishes and plans are FUN. They fill me with HOPE. But the problem is, as soon as I start trying to realise the dream, reality gets in the way. The reality of work and commitment, of needing the right people to say yes, of finding the money and mojo to take each new step.


But if I'm not making any effort to realise the dream then the hope is still untouched and alive. And who doesn’t want their hope to stay intact?


See the problem?


This is my heartbreaking truth. And a life changing revelation.


No one can start for me

No one can finish for me

Others can help with everything in between


I remind myself that chasing and catching isn’t the point at all. The point is knowing what satisfies me. Knowing what brings me peace.


Internal peace is my ultimate goal. Took me a while to figure that out. I pray you figure out your ultimate goal way sooner than me.


Thank you for turning up here. I hope you’ve found something to take with you on the next stage of your journey.


Ka kite ano


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